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Control for X10's Firecracker CM17A.  For Windows(R)  95 to 8.1

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Beta Version

This beta version has been tested on a variety of machines and appears to have no problems.  If you run into any compatibility issues or other problems, please let me know as quickly as possible.  If you have a registered copy of Visual Home Commander, this beta will work with the same registration key.  I hope you enjoy this program.  ---Mark

    The beta version is offered in 2 download options.  

    1)  VHCbeta.exe (app. 3.1 MB) Use this self extracting file to do a complete install.  All files needed to install and run Visual Home Commander are included.  Please make sure you run the "Check online for upgrade" from the menu after installation.

    2) UpgradeVHCb.exe (app. 615 KB)  This file is an upgrade for version 1.60.5 or above.  It will not run unless you have a previous version installed.

    These files may be updated frequently, so please run the check for upgrade feature in the main menu at least once a week.  Option 1 above (full install) will not be updated at the same frequency as option 2.

    Please report any problems, bugs, errors, or requests.  You can use the feedback form or email address on the contact page.

    Please note.  If you install option 1 on top of an existing installation, you should answer "NO" when ask if you would like to overwrite the file "vhc.vhd".  This file ("vhc.vhd") is the database that contains all of your labels for the units and groups.  



A very special "Thank You" goes out to all of the people who have made helpful suggestions and kind comments.  A few people have gone way above and beyond what could ever be expected.  Those people include:

(in alphabetical order)
Laval Desbiens from Canada
Anand Dhuru from India
Carl Dippel from New York 
Jonathan Guidry from Illinois
Russell Renwick from Canada

There are a few others that have not yet given me 
permission to post their names.





  Last update June 27, 2017

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